Drone Combat in the Skies of Japan

Drone Combat in the Skies of Japan

For those of you who don’t know this yet, drones are a big deal everywhere. Everyone is getting their hands on one and flying them around; it’s great. However, the ever-innovative Yakuza have taken drone utilization to new highs. They are transporting drugs through the use of drones. To combat this crazy occurrence, the Japanese police have made bigger, faster drones, with nets to capture their drones. That means over the heads of the Japanese people is drone combat.

How does this work?

Well, the concept is pretty simple. The utilization of the nets is made so that you don’t destroy the drone, which I suppose is nice. The propellers of the drones will get caught in the net and can then be ferried to the nearest police station.

The net deploys from a custom cradle at the bottom of the drone and then simply flies and keeps it steady. Similar to how the cradle contains the contraband that the Yakuza are transferring.

What does this mean for the future of Drones?

drone propellerLike all things in life that involve people’s liberties, it will probably be a cause for alarm to some people. Drones are blowing up, in some places literally, because everyone wants to use them and make sports, travel, everything with them.

  • Amazon recently announced the idea of a flying warehouse with drone delivery.
  • There are numerous drone flying leagues sprouting up all over the place.
  • People want to do battle bots but with drones.

There are numerous positive and interesting things going on with drones, and the FAA has to deal with all of this. Since their inception, the amount of work that the FAA has had to do has at the least doubled.

I’m sure in the future there will be cause for increased regulation. Because with every new emerging technology, people will find a way to exploit it and bypass current security measures. But with these discoveries comes newer advances.