Aerial Wedding Photography


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Aerial Wedding Photography

Your big day is coming up, and you are ready to take your vows and have the dream wedding. You’ve dreamed of this day for so long, and you want to ensure that you can relive those moments at any time with wedding photography. When you hire a professional wedding photographer, you are spending a lot of money to make sure that you receive the best pictures possible. But most wedding photographers will only be able to provide you with one perspective. If you were to purchase our aerial wedding photography package instead, you would receive not only ground level photography but also aerial and panoramic moments that capture the complete splendor of the event.

Our Aerial Wedding Photography Package

South Florida Aerial Wedding Photography

Aerial Wedding Photography is all the rage right now. Most of the time, people are so focused on the wedding itself that they miss a lot of details. There isn’t a lot of time to truly appreciate the décor and the environment. When you have aerial photography, you can truly see the scope of the event. You can sit back with your spouse and take in the high-resolution landscape that was your wedding. We are not only able to provide you with the spectacle of the occasion, but we are also able to capture the personal moments as well.

Our wedding photographer working in unison with the drone photographer can capture the altar in breathtaking fashion. We can capture you and your spouse in 90 degrees vertically and 180 degrees horizontally. You’ll never need to worry about the angle of the photograph because we will capture every moment.

Aerial Wedding PhotographyRemember, this is your big day. There is not one detail that goes without immense care. Between the colors and decorum to the attendees and the location, we can capture every aspect of it. The months preceding the wedding are spent with time and attention to detail. When the day of your wedding finally arrives, don’t let one moment go uncaptured, hire Falcon Air Vistas.

Falcon Air Vistas

Falcon Air Vistas is a true blend of science and artistry. Each of our pilots is experienced in drone and aircraft flying as well as work with photography including landscape photography, graphic design, and branding/marketing. We were created out of the unity between our two great passions, photography, and flying. Every client we receive, every event we cover, is thrilling and exciting for us, and that passion shows in the work we produce. If you want to have the best photographs taken, call us today at (786) 600-2923.

  • FAA Certified
  • Experienced Photographers
  • Over 20 Years of Flying Experience
  • Panoramic, Infrared & 360° Photography Available