Aerial Real Estate Photography


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Aerial Real Estate Photography

People love virtual walkthroughs of their homes. It’s one of the most popular features on websites such as However, people are becoming more hesitant of real estate websites because they can only show so much of the interior of the house to people. Since every potential buyer will drive through the surrounding area before purchasing, they will be able to draw their conclusions the moment before speaking with a realtor. With more people checking google maps as often as they check for apartments themselves it’s becoming no surprise that people are moving away from your website and disconnecting with your service. When people feel like they receive better information from an alternate source, it detracts from your ability to connect with them. While you may be completely honest about the inside of the location and the living conditions, the best way to entrust the client is to include aerial real estate photography.

What is Aerial Real Estate Photography?

Miami Real Estate Drone Photography

As the name suggests, aerial real estate photography are photos taken of the location and the surrounding areas. Our service will take several photos of the building and be able to take pictures of the surrounding areas so people will be able to know the neighborhood as well as the location itself intimately.

Aerial Real Estate PhotographyPeople want information. This is the age of Yelp, Google Reviews, 3D street view mapping, and contacting previous owners. The more information you provide to the customer, the more you’re able to have the customer trust you. When you become the provider of all the information, you become the foremost authority on the matter and can control the situation better. Using our aerial real estate photography will allow you to provide the best information on the exterior and interior of the location.

Panoramic neighborhood vistas are a service we also offer with aerial real estate photography. This panoramic shot will station the house as the central point and take a panoramic photo of the surrounding area. This will allow the user to be able to scroll around the neighborhood as if they were standing on the rooftop. Most shoppers are keen on perspective and having as much information as possible and what better way to know the area than to have an eye in the sky?

Falcon Air Vistas

Falcon Air Vistas are industry leading experts in this field. Not only have we experienced photographers and drone operators, but we are all experienced entrepreneurs. We can provide the best drone photography on the market as well as know how the market works and how it would best favor you. If you are ready to take your real estate company to new heights, call us today at (786) 600-2923.

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