The Art

We love photography. Taking photos of breathtaking vistas and landscape shots are some of our favorite things to do. Whether it’s taking photos on the beach, over the water, or in the sky, photography is a part of each of our lives. We love capturing every moment and from as many angles as possible!

The Science

Each of us has experience with drones and flying. We have experience in professional aviation, military experience with air crafts, and several years of experience with drones. Drones are the kinds of devices that we would dream of as kids. We have operated and altered several drones over our times and they have become an active pastime for us.

Falcon Air Vistas is the marriage of our passions. We love flying and photography and drone photography is the best way for us to accomplish that. We have several years of combined experience between us and are always getting better. Despite us having done both of these for years, it never gets old and we still receive endless enjoyment from new breakthroughs we discover. We bring passion, experience, and excitement to every event we help capture.

Jeffrey Barlett Founder/Chief Pilot

Jeffrey Barlett

Founder/Chief Pilot

20+ years of experience in
professional aviation & world photography

David Osborne Lead Project Designer/Pilot

David Osborne

Lead Project Designer/Pilot

Chief Media Editor
FAA licensed pilot/UAV operator

Mike Horvath Marketing Guru/Pilot

Mike Horvath

Marketing Guru/Pilot

Manager of Gulf Coast ops
Catcher of large fish