What is the Jello Effect

Jello EffectWhen people are moving videos as they are shooting them, occasionally there is an effect known as the rolling shutter. This means that the shutter, which is used to shooting on stable ground, is rolling around a little bit and this creates a wobbly, almost jello effect on the movie you’re trying to make.

This problem is not exclusive, nor did it begin with aerial photography, but it is one of the biggest problems most professionals have to confront when they want to work in the business. Luckily for you, we are the best in the business, and we are going to help you figure out your rolling shutter problems and stop it for good!

How to stop the Rolling Shutter

How to fix Rolling shutter Prop Balancer – A prop balancer is a level for the propellers of your aerial drone. These are valuable tools because many users report receiving their drones with uneven props. When this happens, it can help create this jittering effect that many people don’t want to do. By sanding them down and testing them out, you can reduce your jello effect greatly.

Gimbals – Gimbals are aerial mounts that go with your cameras to help stabilize the footage. They act like a miniature Steadicam by using counterweights and pivot joints. These are vital for any rig, and there should be rudimentary ones with any DJI shipment.

Learn your Rig – If you haven’t read the manual to your rig or you don’t know the settings like the back of your hand, you might be doing yourself a disservice. Learning your rig could reveal drawbacks like DJI’s GPS mode which often makes many small adjustments that cause dithers to your camera. Removing or working around these can deplete the rolling shutter greatly.

Get Good – The other thing is maybe you’re just not good enough. Learn how to be patient, don’t make these zipping, pivoting turns when making videos. You might get better footage because you’re not flying like a maniac.

Falcon Air Vistas

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