What are the Best Drones for drone photography?

Miami Aerial PhotographyWe work with many drones here at Falcon Air vistas. In the time of our operation, we have tested, pushed the limits of, and used most major models of drones on the market. We modify all of our drones for maximum efficacy and other aspects. But often we sit back and ask ourselves, what are the best drones for drone photography?

A small spoiler is that the main three that we believe to be the best are all DJI. There is a standard of quality and precision that the DJI brand has to offer. We also think it important to state that we are not endorsing or being paid to make this post. This is our most objective opinion.

The Best Dronesbest drones

Phantom – Arguably the most recognizable model of a drone is the phantom. This guy is a personal favorite for one of our operators, and it is often the first one that enthusiasts will seriously invest in. The built-in camera is great for most casual photography as well.

Inspire – The Inspire is arguably the best* on the market. The default camera is great for people who don’t want to jump into the world of DSLR and custom camera usage. It is also as large as the phantom which is great for visibility.

Mavic – The Mavic is one of our favorites except sometimes the footage comes out a little fuzzy. This is small enough and portable enough to fit in your pocket which is a good thing and a bad thing. In our professional opinion, drones should be visible at all times, for every party involved. However the portability and quality** is great.

Karma Drone Honorable Mention: Karma – The Karma is a great drone, now. It had a recall after it had power shortages and died. These kinds of missteps area enough to cripple a company. But GoPro has a great brand they are building, and it is worth the investment solely for the competition of the market.

* = Modded Cameras greatly outperform it.
** = Quality can sometimes bleed and have too much motion blur.

Falcon Drone Photography

More important than which tools you have are the hands the tools are in. Falcon Air Vistas can take any drone and produce high-quality images because we are photographers as well as drone technicians. If you want high-quality drone photography that ALSO uses the best drones on the market, then you’re in luck. Call us today to learn more!