Drone Air Shows

Synchronized Drone Shows how it does work

If you have seen the super bowl this past weekend, then you saw some crazy lights in the sky that were forming beautiful images. These are drones at work, and this is part of the Shooting Star drone squad. This is the professional drone unit from Intel.

Using computerized technologies, the drones can be completely in sync and scheduled to go wherever they are programmed to. While there are no individual operators, there is a master operator and programmer who ensure that the drones move in unison without colliding in the air.

Super Bowl Drone Show

In the case of the super bowl, Lady Gaga had these lights flying off above the stadium and out of harm’s way. The images that the drones were forming were American flags and other patriotic imagery and was tastefully done.

Disney Drone Show

Disney has been working with Intel for the past few years and had employed them to help with their Disney closing out the festival. At the end of every day, Disney will typically shoot off fireworks around their castle. But recently they’ve been working with Intel to create a new light show instead of the conventional fireworks.

What’s next for them?

They had a hard time beginning because that many drones in flight at once under the utilization of no more than 5-10 people had a hard time getting clearance. The new show is called Drone 100, and they work with Intel to create shows in places like Sydney and Palm Springs.

Drone Air ShowsFrom this point forward we can only speculate what this will do for future light shows. More importantly though is the coordination. Often people assume that drones are simply flown using remote controls, but this is an example of mass computing holding a large amount of public interest.

Mass computing and waves of drones are also a future investment of companies like Amazon who recently filed a patent for flying warehouses so that they can launch drone shipments and get packages to people even sooner than before. This show is a great example of the future of drones.