Is Drone Photography Legal?

Is Drone Photography Legal?

Drone photography came under a lot of heavy flak around June last year. The main idea being that since the boom of drone usage, there would need to be extensive reform on what you can and cannot do with a drone. The question on every lawmakers and drone enthusiasts mind was ‘Is Drone PHOTOGRAPHY legal.’

Drones themselves are okay for the most part, as long as you don’t hit anybody with them you’re fine. But when you add photography into the mix, there are a lot of dubious claims that can be made by every teenage boy with a flying camera in the neighborhood. Despite this, personal usage of drone photography remained legal while commercial aerial photography requires approval from the FAA (Which we have.) But what are the precise specifications of this law?

What are your legal limitations with Drones?


  • Fly your craft at a local and approved club.
  • Take lessons in the open to improve safety.
  • Contact the airport within 5 miles to alert towers you are in possession.
  • Fly it for your personal enjoyment.


  • Fly near manned aircraft.
  • Fly past your personal LOS (Line of sight.)
  • Fly an aircraft weighing more than 55 pounds (and frankly who would want to?)
  • Fly against the community guidelines.

Drone Photography LegalWhat does this mean for drone photography as a business?

It means that it’s time for the higher quality of drone photographers! Gone are the days of permissibly allowing amateurs to control the drone cameras at important events such as your weddings and flying drones into people’s faces accidentally.

To achieve your FAA certification for commercial flight, you have to prove that you are safe and skilled enough to fly a drone for money. Most of these come with a pilot’s license and more including a substantial amount of flight hours. So if you want to be a professional now, you have to be a professional.

Falcon Air Vistas

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